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Hey guys! I am back with another beauty review. As you all know, I’m all about trying new products and updating my skincare routine. It’s so fun!

This time I received some items from Puristry. Have you guys heard about this brand? They launched at Anthropologie in May. I was so excited when they approached me, the packaging immediately caught my attention. I’m seeing more simplistic yet chic packaging these days. For example, Ouai, Glossier and Herbivore Botanicals. I’m picturing all these brands in a flat lay right now. Can’t you? So cute!

I chose two items to try out and review. I’ve been using them on a off for about a month now.


  • Vine Therapy Serum
    • The potent antioxidants in grape seeds give this replenishing serum a powerful anti-aging effect. Infused with collagen-boosting algae and hydrating ingredients, skin’s elasticity gets a boost of youthful restoration. Read more here.
  • Seaberry Moisturizer
    •  This moisturizer is concentrated with seaberry fruit which contains 50+ nourishing phytonutrients that help to promote the vitality and radiance of your complexion. More info it about it here.

When you try multiple products, you get to see your face react in a good or bad way. It’s a risk that you take when you go for it. It’s pretty much like anything in life – just go for it! Haha.

I spoke about the packaging, now let’s discuss the texture and smell. I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent, but it doesn’t smell bad. It’s hard to describe the scent, it’s just not my favorite. I would say it’s a bit earthy but not overpowering at all. It does go away, it’s just at the beginning. I usually tend to lean to fresh and sweet scents. Oh yeaaaah! Haha.


The serum is very lightweight unlike the moisturizer, which is a bit thick. It makes sense because it’s a deeply nourishing moisturizer. If you have dry skin then this might be a product you would like to test. My face is considered “normal.” Years ago, I always thought my face was combination and I searched for those type of beauty products. Things change. Because my face doesn’t get too dry or “oily,” which is why I felt like this moisturizer didn’t do much for me.

I gave both products a try for a week and sensed my skin texture got a bit rough. I figured it was probably hormonal because it was during that time of the month. Who knows? So, I returned to my usual routine. Two weeks later I decided to give it try and it happened again. It definitely didn’t react on me like an allergic reaction, meaning very noticeable.My skin got a bit bumpy on my cheeks. I think this product is just not for me. Maybe it’s the combination with the rest of my routine.

That’s the beauty of cosmetics and skincare, you just have to test it out. One size does not fit all, unfortunately.

My skin has always been sensitive. You must be thinking, why is she trying so many products then? Haha. Yeah, I think about that at times. I love giving things a try. That’s how I find the best beauty products for my skin.

I will keep testing these items again and see how it goes. Maybe my skin needs some time to get used to new items. If you are interested in seeing how it goes, DM me on Instagram. Let’s continue the conversation there. I’m always excited to chat about all things beauty! Of course, leave me a comment below as well. Your choice!

If you are in the mood to trying new things, check Puristry out. This might be that item your skincare routine is missing. I’m thinking about testing their facial oil or cleanser next. Those might be the ones. Thoughts?

Full list of products here.



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