“It does not matter what your dream is, it is what you do to accomplish it”

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About ME

Energy, passion and laughter describe me.  I’m the kind of gal that likes taking risks while wearing bold lipsticks. 

I travel as a vehicle for deeper personal discovery and excitement. I hope to not only inspire you to also travel to the places I write about and care for, but to make you realize the reasons you travel in the first place and help you discover which lessons you can take away from your own personal journeys.

My vision through this platform is to encourage others to reach their full potential, to NEVER GIVE UP and look the part along the way.

If I’m not taking pictures, writing or editing videos, I’m tackling the world of social media. Plus, trendspotting and chatting all things beauty. I can’t help it! 

Where Am I Now?


Next Stop

  • France
  • Monaco
  • Greece
  • Croatia
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